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Hello and welcome to defenceFirst. A new Football Manager blog about my Football Manager experiences. I’ll be typing about my Football Manager saves, different formations, tactical philosophies, and much more.

First of all, so we’re up to date, I’ll be sharing My Football Manager 2018 Journey So Far. Unlike many, I’ve been loyal to one save so far, which can be seen in both lights. On the negative, I’m yet to really test myself in different leagues, countries and continents. On the flip side, I’ve successfully turned a Championship outfit in Sheffield Wednesday into the biggest club in the world.


English Football has certainly become dominant…


Let’s wind back for the meantime, lets talk about how I got to this stage. A big thing for me on ANY football manager saves is tactical consistency. You look at the top coaches such as Mourinho and even Guardiola, they all have their preferred tactical shape, with a backup alternative.

For me, along this 8 season Journey, I’ve only ever played 2 different shapes. First season in the Championship I stuck to a flat 3-5-2, hoping for solidarity at the back and to exploit the wings with our wing backs. Reason being is Sheffield Wednesday in season one are blessed with the best striking force in the division (in my opinion), so the aim was for crosses, crosses and more crosses! Please see my best 18 for that season below >

Nothing fancy, right?
As you can see, I heavily relied on my strikers for goals!


Fortunately, like any promotion season needs, I was fairly fortunate with injuries. Of course, Fernando Forestieri is the exception who was ruled out for the majority of the season. However, my core remained healthy, which was key. Finally, please see the league table below >


23 draws, yes you saw that right.

Okay, lets talk about the elephant in the room…23 DRAWS!! As a fan of Championship football I know every point matters, and this is the mentality I went along with. I settled for draws when I could have pushed on for the win, and had one too many 0-0 draws. The positive is I was in all 46 games and could have easily done so much better. I fell just short of automatic promotion, but to my surprise Sheffield Wednesday succeeded in a Play Off Campaign (cries internally about our real life record).

Sadly, FM won’t let me view the match info…maybe due to me being 8 seasons down the line. But here is how the Play Off Final fared >

Gary Hooper just scores goals…


Next time I’ll be sharing key tactical tweaks which allowed a comfortable first season in the Premier League and Transfer Window tips & tricks to allow you to sign the best players.

Thank you for reading.

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